All the traffic from forklifts, lorries, scraping containers and crawlers, pallets and goods: floors have a heavy burden to bear. Konkrix chooses the most sustainable solution for every part of your activity so you can leave your worries behind. Today, tomorrow and 30 years from now!

With our floor concepts we are ready to face any challenge, both newbuild and renovations. All floors are available sawed, minimal or joint-free and with various degrees of flatness. And for your steel-fibre reinforced floor on piles or sill plates, Konkrix is your partner.









Laser screed flooring

Installing concrete floors with our Laser Screed combines the advantages of an enormous capacity with better levelness. Our LaserScreed does it “faster, more level and more efficient”.

Without wear layer

Kebro offers steel fibre reinforced floors without wear layer for, among others, outdoor hardeners and loading docks. Possible with concrete types C25/30, C30/37 and C35/45.

Filled-in flooring

Are you looking for a competitively priced and reliable flooring solution for your warehouse or distribution centre? Then our concrete floors with improved durability are worth a look. We pour the wear layer into the semi-liquid concrete foundation. Gritters ensure controlled and balanced distribution. 

Result: a thin wear layer of 1 to 2 mm, available in various colours and with durability factors from A9 to A1.5.

Wet-in-wet flooring

As a BENOR certified contractor, Kebro keeps shrinking to a minimum. For intensive activities very susceptible to wear, we use a wet-in-wet solution. The foundation layer contains as little water as possible, while the wet cover layer guarantees a massive, even 6 to 15 mm layer. In other words: you can 100 percent sure of the proposed durability. Is that a promise? Absolutely! We use the Boëhme test to check each and every floor afterwards.

For industrial flooring, school buildings and other applications that require high durability, the wet-in-wet technique provides the best results. This method is initially a bit more expensive than filling-in, but much cheaper than having to repair a filled-in floor. This is why Kebro not only considers the purchase price, but the total costs as well. This approach is your best guarantee for the lowest “life cycle cost”.


Improve the durability of your existing foundation without altering the floor level? No problem! Kebro scrapes 15 mm off of the old concrete floor and installs a new massive 15 mm wear layer (wet-on-dry). This even cover layer is available in various standard colours.

Your advantage? Guaranteed durability and meticulous execution while focusing on the continuity of your company.

Layers up to 40 mm thick are available for added strength and result in a durability factor of A5 to A1.5. To protect your floor against caterpillar tracks, we use a metal-based wear layer.

Self-levelling floors

Self-levelling floors combine the advantage of minimum thickness (from 3 mm) with fast hardening. And they are almost perfectly level. Ideal as a “fast” solution for both industrial and non-industrial situations.

Diamond-polished renovation flooring

Would you like to repair a worn floor surface? Or make a floor gone wrong or ruined by rain shine again? Kebro provides customised service. The surface is sanded with a diamond sander and then treated with a silicate-based agent. For the final finish, we offer a choice between transparent or coloured impregnation.


In every project, roughly poured floors and sub-floors in concrete are used. Sub-floors for offices or concrete compression layers on hollow core slabs. For “roughly poured” concrete, a lathe is used on the concrete surface and sometimes even quickly skimmed with a concrete trowel.
RESULT: a concrete floor with a somewhat rough surface, but installed within the agreed tolerances.