Action domains

Thanks to our extensive machine and vehicle fleet, Kebro is perfectly equipped for large industrial and commercial projects as well as non-residential buildings such as schools, museums and stations.

We work for architects and principal contractors as well as directly for the end client. Many principals contact us personally because they know all too well how important a concrete industrial floor is for their activities. Kebro shares this concern and we welcome principals to make an appointment with us without further obligation.


Kebro works mainly directly for the principal, including WDP, MG Real Estate and Groep Bernaerts Vastgoed. In addition we are also active as a contractor for industrial contractors, general construction companies and project developers.


“In early 2015 our firm successfully executed a floor projector of approx. 20000 m² in Copenhagen for a delivery service of international name and fame. ”

geographic area

Although Kebro clearly focuses on the Benelux, we are an internationally-oriented firm.

Do you have Plans abroad? Let’s discuss the possibilities.


  • Storage & distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Blast furnaces, extreme applications
  • Agriculture and livestock
  • Commercial projects
  • Miscellaneous non-residential buildings